50 Cent Says He Wouldn’t Mind If His Look-Alike Son Marquise “Got Hit By A Bus”

50 Cent Says He Wouldn't Mind If Son Got Hit By A Bus

Rapper 50 Cent Says He Wouldn’t Mind If Son Got Hit By A Bus

Is it possible for a parent to hate a child with so much passion? We think so if there are folks like 50 Cent who said he wouldn’t mind if his son, Marquise, got hit by a bus. The hip-hop mogul has had a contentious relationship with him and it gets really ugly on social media as a result of the New York rapper’s horrible relationship with baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, who once sued him for $50 million.

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50 Cent left a shocking comment on an Instagram photo of his 21-year-old son who was hanging out with the son of 50’s rival Supreme McGriff. 50 wrote:

“If both these little ni**s got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day.”

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50 Cent Says He Wouldn't Mind If Son Got Hit By A Bus (2)

Another reason Fif may have reacted this way is McGriff, the former Ja Rule and Irv Gotti associate. He had allegedly plotted to kill 50 Cent. Supreme is currently serving a life sentence for murder conspiracy and drug trafficking.

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50 has never met McGriff’s son and Marquise didn’t know their history when he took the photo with him, according to TMZ.

50 Cent and son Marquise Jackson when it was all good

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Shocking! 50 Cent Says He Wouldn’t Mind If Son Got Hit By A Bus

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