Being A Celeb In Nigeria Is Hard And Almost A Nightmare – Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo Says

Being Celeb In Nigeria Hard Uche Ogbodo - Amebo Book

Uche Ogbodo has had enough of bloggers like SDK who publish things about her without taking permission. This time, the Nollywood actress is furious that the popular blogger posted content about her being pregnant while mocking her (blogger) also over her “failed journalism”.

According to the thespian, it is difficult being a celeb in Nigeria and “almost a nightmare.”

As much as Uche Ogbodo is upset, no blogger will take permission because it is their duty to expose.

Read her post below.

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“I Swear being A Celeb in this Nigeria is Hard it is almost a nightmare. One you have so many people who don’t wish you well. Who only want or wish for tears on you all the time.

“If you know me you would know I am someone who keeps to myself, minds my own business and loves those who love me. But Yet So many Monitoring Spirits and Frenemies everywhere I go.

“Please keep your mouth and your Blog out of my Life! I am not the Cause of your failed journalism oo, I am a very private person who keep deep things to myself. Why are you trying to dig out Dirt where there is none! If you are a Born Witch, keep your Witchcraft out of my little life, what I choose to do is none of your business. If I am pregnant it is obviously by Choice and a decision I made myself!

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“Even if you heard or suspected you should have at least Asked me first if I want my news out there . But No! Shamelessness won’t allow you to be Civil !

“Pls it’s my life allow me share my news when I am ready to Share , don’t be an unpaid Messenger on my behalf ! You know yourself, Stella ! Leave me alone! Monitoring Spirit! you had no Right posting me without My knowledge! Old Witch!

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Peep the post below.


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