Entertainment News Today Headlines: Blac Chyna Describes Keeping Up with the Kardashians As Fake! Lame! Failing!

Celebrity News And Gossip: Blac Chyna Describes Keeping Up with the Kardashians As Fake! Lame! Failing!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are back to arguing once again over their daughter and reality television. Late last week, Rob state clearly through his lawyer that his 2-year-old daughter, Dream, would not be appearing on Chyna’s upcoming Zeus Network reality series. He sent this ‘warning’ via his attorney, Marty Singer. Due to her tender age, Dream would need the consent of both her parents to play any role on this program.

“Please be advised that The Zeus Network does not have Mr. Kardashian’s consent to Dream’s participation in or appearance on the Series or in any related marketing or promotional materials,” Singer said on his client’s behalf last Wednesday.

In response to this, Chyna shared a lenghty and scathing statement on social media in response to Rob’s stance when it comes to The Real Blac Chyna show.

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“As Executive Producer of my show, It is very unfortunate that Rob could not simply have an adult conversation with me ‘the mother of his child,’ Dream Kardashian appearing on my show ‘The Real Blac Chyna,’” she wrote online.

Chyna explained that a significant part of her beef centered on just how Kardashian handled this issue.

“Had Rob contacted me directly rather than through his attorney Marty Singer, Rob would have learned about Dream participation in the show,” she continued, adding that she “would never allow” Dream to be “subjected to long hours on the set.”

The ex lovers who co-starred on their own E! program back when they were engaged, agreed to joint custody in September of 2017 following an often contentious romance and that culminated with both side alleging abuse in separate lawsuits.

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Chyna even recently said some nice stuff about Rob as a dad. And as a sex partner.

“I have the ability to control which scenes are included in the show,” Chyna added over the weekend, stating, for example, that Dream was NOT around during the publicized fight on her future show between herself and her mother.



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The reality star concluded her post by claiming Keeping Up with the Kardashians features Dream in episodes without Chyna’s consent.

“I also would have pointed out to Rob the hypocrisy of his family’s insistence that Dream appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the family’s desperate attempt to boost the dismal ratings for their stale and contrived show, without my approval,” Chyna said.

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She cited out a recent season 16 episode, which aired in May, that depicted Dream’s fairy-themed birthday party.

“My show is about my life and my kids are a huge part of my life.

“It’s really sad that everything I do to better myself or my family the same people have something to say to stop or hinder it,” she added.

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Entertainment Tonight Celebrity News: Blac Chyna Describes Keeping Up with the Kardashians As Fake! Lame! Failing!

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