Black Women Should Allow Black Men To Have Side Chicks – Mo’Nique

Entertainment News And Gossip: Mo’Nique Wants Black Women To Allow Black Men To Have Side Chicks

No doubt, the comedienne has received enormous support from the black community for her great work. People stood by her even when the industry failed to recognize her and not to mention, when Netflix tried to play her. In between all these, Mo’Nique has tried shedding some weight while making some cash. However, while speaking to a black female audience, she said, we women “should allow black men to have side chicks.” This shocked a lot of people present as she had initially started off brilliantly saying, “We (black women) need to love our brothers and support our brothers.”

She insisted that our (black women’s need for monogamy was because of white supremacy. She then said our black men are kings and as such, should be able to get another woman if they desire.

Mo’Nique Wants Black Men To Have Side Chicks

Recording was not allowed during the talk so there really isn’t any video evidence to watch. However, several women present spoke about it.

Personally, we think the actress/comedienne has gotten it all wrong. Why, I hear you ask? That’s because this is a major reason for broken homes and sometimes murder.

We think Mo’Nique should just stick to clowning on TV and making everyone happy rather than talk of black culture. It’s deeper than her understanding.

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Entertainment News Today: Mo’Nique Wants Black Women To Allow Black Men To Have Side Chicks


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