Entertainment Tonight Celebrity News: Chris Brown Attempts To Insult Karrueche Tran And Victor Cruz But Gets Savagely Roasted Instead

Chris Brown Attempts To Insult Karrueche Tran And Victor Cruz

Celebrity News And Gossip: Chris Brown Attempts To Insult Karrueche Tran And Victor Cruz But Gets Savagely Roasted Instead

Not many will give Chris Brown a pass mark when it comes to relationships. He’s been accused of being violent and abusive which of course, was the main reason he got dumped by Rihanna. One of his exes, Karrueche Tran, has nothing sweet to mention of him either. The “Undecided” singer had attempted to insult Karrueche after she posted the photo below on her Instagram page this week. Chris saw this as an opportunity to poke fun at her man, Victor Cruz, over his appearance.

Chris Brown was back to his same old bullying self on Instagram. The singer tried to insult Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz over his outfit.

“No shade boo,, BUT PLEASE STYLE HIM,” Brown commented.

“He look like he shopping of the manikin and trying to bargain wit the sales manager. Retired wrestler spanks. IM F–KING AROUND … good bless.”

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Thankfully, the fans were there and timely to give Brown some of his own bitter pill. The clap back was pretty sweet and hopefully, serve as a warning to hating Chris. One folower wrote, “It’s been almost 5 years since karrueche left chris brown and he’s still harassing her. and people still think that abusive, stalker-ish, crackhead behavior is cool”.

“If Chris would’ve treated Karrueche the way she deserved from the get go , then maybe he wouldn’t have to leave clown ass comments on her bf’s page… cus they would STILL be 2getha!” another commented.

At that point, Chris attempted to clarify — and wound up digging himself in a bigger mess.

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“Nothing bad or major . UPGRADE HIM SIS. I’ll take him around to style him. NOT HATE,” he bafflingly wrote.

“He just need some game spirit,” Brown rambled on before concluding, “Peace love and joy. JUST PLEASE UPGRADE YA MAN BOO.”

Chris made a half-hearted attempt to apologize but still appeared to be taking shots at Cruz. Shockingly, after being savagely roasted, Chris is trying to make it seem as though his identity was stolen and someone else left the insulting comments on Tran’s page:

“People going out they way. Leave them people alone and stop creating unnecessary drama!” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

“Whoever’s been DM any of my followers or commenting as me is lame asf.”

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Funny enough, just before the whole drama with Karrueche and Cruz, Chris was openly pining for an ex, writing, “Is it a sucka move to think about your ex? … A person that really care bout you gone show it…even on bad terms.”

We think Hollywood should just give Chris Brown a role in one of its psycho movies. He’ll be a natural at it.

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Entertainment News Today Headlines: Chris Brown Attempts To Insult Karrueche Tran And Victor Cruz But Gets Savagely Roasted Instead

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