Christian Clark: Mum Texts Videos Of Her Dead Son’s Body To His Dad In An Alleged Revenge Killing

A young mum identified as Christian Clark, 21, from Pennsylvania, has been accused of murdering her 17-month-old son Andre Price III, and then sending the video of the child’s lifeless body to his father, Andre Price Jr. in a jealous filled rage. It’s understood that the woman also faces charges of attempted homicide of her 2-year-old daughter, Angel Price.


According to police investigations, Ms Clark was arguing with the boy’s father Andre Price Jr and began sending him violent texts in which she accused him of cheating on her. During the two hour texting tirade, Clark called Price, “gross,” “disgusting as fuck” and told him, “you have no morals.” She then allegedly made threats regarding the safety of their children. She wrote:


‘You better pray for your kids’ and ‘Answer me or I’m going to jail for child endangerment’.

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“Ima Kill them watch”

“I don’t want these kids here”

“Ya kids aint safe here I don’t want them here”

“Answer me or I’m going to jail for child endangerment”

Clark then sent a message saying ‘I’m killing them’ along with a laughing emoji with tears in its eyes. She then sent a video showing the children lying face-down.


“Ahh look Angel is still alive and sweating, your son on the other hand is not even breathing, I wish I could keep the camera still.”

She then tells Price to send it to the cops or post it to Facebook adding that Andre is “legit dead.”

In another video, Clark is seen grabbing her daughter’s head, causing her to cry. She then sends a message saying, “First of all she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.”

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It’s gathered that Price responded to Clark after getting the second video saying, “I’m not going to reply no more if you wanna go to jail you know what to do.” Clark writes back four times, “Ya son is dead and you getting pussy.” Price responds “I’m not going to reply no more and no I’m not.”

According to reports, Price responded to the texts six times promising to take a bus home but also ignored Clark’s threats to harm his kids. He only alerted the police after receiving a third video showing her picking up the boy’s body by the arm and tossing him on the bed.

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The conversation ends with Price texting, “Try to wake him up I said hold him.” Clark replied, “Its okay im dialing 911.” Price said, “ You need to if he dead.”

In her final text, Clark said, “Sorry I did this i stg i didn’t mean to.”


Even though the boy was eventually rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead 30 minutes after arriving at hospital. Clark has already admitted to smothering the boy by holding him face-down on the air mattress for about a minute.


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