Headlines Today Breaking News: Creepy Man Dressed In Hazmat Suit Stalking Neighbourhoods In Kansas Has Residents On Edge

News Media: Man Dressed In Hazmat Suit Stalking Neighbourhoods In Kansas

Home surveillance videos have captured a man in hazmat suit stalking residents across the Overland Park, Kansas area. He’s dressed in white from head to toe covering his face so no one recognizes him. This is particularly creepy and giving residents concern because Summerwood Estates, Polo Fields and Mills Farm neighborhoods don’t get a lot of criminal activity.

Man Dressed In Hazmat Suit Stalking Neighbourhoods In Kansas

“That’s creepy,” Officer John Lacy said when he watched the videos collected on doorbell cameras. “The first thing I thought is, ‘It’s really creepy and why would someone walk around in a hazmat suit?'”

The man is seen wearing a hazmat suit with his face covered, a miner’s light on his head and with a backpack and gloves. He usually walks up to homes and around backyards.

According to one woman who didn’t want her identity disclosed, she heard her doorbell camera alarm go off around midnight.

“We have a new puppy and lots of kids in and out, so I didn’t think too much of it,” she said. “But when I got up and checked Facebook, I had all sort of neighbors posting videos, and I thought, ‘Well that is kind of odd.'”

Upon checking her video, the woman said, “It was the same strange, creepy person who had started to come to the front porch.”

The creeper actually went into another woman’s screened-in porch.

“When we woke up Tuesday morning, we noticed the door was opened, and we noticed the latch was just left open,” she said.

Eventually, it dawned on the woman that the man may have also tried to get in another way after she heard about what happened from neighbors on Facebook.

“Monday night, when all of this went on, supposedly, my husband got up and heard something tapping, and he went downstairs,” she said.

The couple found a shattered basement window after checking.

“Last night, we went and bought a doorbell camera and cameras for the front and the back, so my husband is going to install them this weekend,” she said. “We are loaded up, and we also have a security system in the house.”

Overland Park police have warned that the man should not be confronted if seen. Rather, call 911 immediately.



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Current News Headlines: Man Dressed In Hazmat Suit Stalking Neighbourhoods In Kansas


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