Does Class Matter And Can You Sacrifice Your Luxury Treats For Love – Uriel Oputa Asks, Read the Responses!

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Does Class Matter – Uriel Oputa

Ozo has become a topic of discussion amongst social media users as a result of the unrequited love with Nengi.

While in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown house, he did not fail to let Nengi know how much he loves her. However, she was just not that into Ozo for being an “extremely nice” guy.

Hence, he has been mocked by some people. In fact, there are those who have compared Ozo to the type of loverboy character Tony Umez plays in the movies.

Uriel Oputa shared a screenshot on her Instagram page with the message, “I can love you like Ozo but i’m too broke for your class”. She captioned:

“Pls what’s your Answer? Does Class matter?? Ladies Can you sacrifice you luxury treats for LOVE?? Let’s Talk.
I know my Answer sha based on what I cook for this page.
What’s yours??”

Not long after, Ese Eriata commented, “Yes pls class matters a lot 💯, you can’t work so hard and build yourself to end up with a basic person! All the years of struggling trying to be a better person, then you will now give yourself to someone who hasn’t done any work on themself? You have worked to keep yourself on the standard that u are, so you deserve someone of your standards and more!”

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Other reactions below.

agiriocha: “The truth is, you might sacrifice this for bae, be humble enough for him, hustle with him and still hustle more than him but He will start misbehaving when he gets used to it. Most times guy’s tend to take advantage of ladies that lowered their standards for them. While there are some that appreciates it”.

nancyolotu1: “Abeg Sis no do this kind love biko. You never know a mans’ true colours till he has money o”.

obianuju_kezie: “If he’s broke and hard-working and not a lazy dude then that can work. At least I know he’s willing to double his hustle and with God one day it will all pay off.”

ibearua: “I love being in charge while still loving you, not having money will affect my self confidence and might make me feel unsecured.”

sparklingtrendsboutique: “I sacrificed a lot for a man that adores me and I don’t regret it , 6 years and counting, he adores me , I would advise ladies to marry a man that loves them more than they even love the man , that man will go extra miles to please you , I chose a good and comfortable man over a wealthy man and I don’t regret it , no marriage is smooth o but go through it with a good man .”

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mimi_realbabe: “I’m happy Ozo brought love back to us in Nigeria, Ozo please continue to teach men how to love, a lot of them really don’t know how to show love and care to their wife’s or girlfriend, now we all the single ladies want a man like Ozo in our life.”

august_10collections: “Men like ozo will chase you like their lives depends on it . Once they marry/ date you finish eye go clear”.

stylish_blendd: ‘This movie” Crazy Rich Asians” reminds of this situation. The girl is super rich & the hubby isn’t, she loves this guy wholeheartedly and most times hide her shopping bags and expensive shit to not intimidate the husband. But local man still cheated on her🙄 Sometimes being of high standard than hubby ‘might’ be intimidating, and he may be prone to go be with someone his standard. I said “might”. So this isn’t 100% true. It depends on the man involved.

hifeeman: “Hmmmmmmmm… Well 70% of ladies won’t want to date a man who isn’t finacially buoyant, am a guy and the truth has to be told, some men may end up ditching the lady when he finally makes it big,yeah that’s the bitter truth, and some men won’t as well.. But I see no reason dating a low class as long as he has bright future and you see beyond the present with him too.. All that matters is love and prayer.. ..did I make a point sha or I just said jagonz”.

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lotus_xpressions: “First of all, I think we should give it up to the person for say the truth first…. then for the luxury treats, everyone needs it. So you need someone of your standard and more… unless if you actually like the situation and wish to cope….. some ladies like guys that cares alot.. but remember that no one is good just do you in all you do!!!”

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