Explain With A Scientific Reason Why “Black” People Are Dying Of COVID-19 More – Rapper Stefflon Don

Scientific Reason Why Black People Dying Of COVID-19 More Stefflon Don

Stephanie Victoria Allen, popularly known as Stefflon Don, has posed a question to her 2.4m Instagram followers. The British rapper who is dating Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy, wants a scientific explanation as to why more black people are dying of COVID-19.

While reacting to her question, some followers were quick to point out that doctors were choosing to save white lives over black. There were those who said it has to do with higher rates on underlying diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Meanwhile, Stefflon Don made the following clear while sharing her post. She wrote;

“I am asking a serious question. You may not like the question because you don’t like asking questions, but let’s not attack people for having a respectful conversation filled with different sensible opinions.”

“By the way, Im blocking all the dumb commentary and people that are attacking me going totally off subject so stick to the subject. 😃💜”.

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Reaction to the “16 Shots” hitmaker’s question below.

azurechic1: “We have more lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc…that lower our immunity to fighting the disease. Also, we do a lot of the “essential / low paying jobs” that require us to keep going out and not stay at home, therefore exposed to coronavirus.”

mommynata_: “It’s less scientific and more statistics. Poor/ “Urban” areas are vastly underfunded in means of medical care and health/wellness products. Most workers deemed “essential” are from those same places and have to go to work. But that’s making it short 😭”.

mr_focus100: “It’s crazy cah in the beginning our folks weren’t dying they Defo went back to the lab and tweaked a few things to make sure it hits us harder”.

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cierra_larissa: “It’s a location and health issue. Every where the black numbers are high it’s in the inner city and most had health problems before covid-19. I call it selective population control.”

hanselder: “Years of systemic racism = more pre-existing health condition + more exposure via being most of essential workers (nurses, store clerks, bus drivers, EMT..)”

yungjackpot: “Because Black people aren’t taking it serious 🤷🏾‍♂️”

angeli_nax: “Lack of facilities.. bad government, corruption etc especially NIGERIA”.

yosoydiamond: “it’s not really a science issue, it’s mostly a social issue. in the states healthcare within the black community is horrible. a lot of black people have underlining health conditions as a result of environmental racism, food deserts, redlining, etc. black people in urban areas are more likely to take public transportation which means they cannot practice social distancing and take on “essential work” where they cannot practice social distancing as well”.

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darlingg.nikki: “Healthcare disparities. Same reason why black women die during pregnancy and labor at a higher rate.”

isiskema: “Doctors are choosing white lives over the minority”.

unruly_detrii: “I’ve been thinking that too and I personally feel there is a treatment and they say there isn’t any just like how cardi said they were paying celebs to say they have it”.

beautifully_flawed2986: “We have higher rates on underlying diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.”

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