Entertainment News Today Headlines: Fans Troll Cardi B Ruthlessly Over Photo Of Her Swollen Feet

Celebrity News And Gossip: Fans Troll Cardi B Over Swollen Feet

If you follow Cardi B on social media, then you probably know she isn’t the shy type when it comes to sharing posts. Quite frankly, she doesn’t particularly care what we all think if it’s negativity being brought her way. A few days ago, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper started complaining about one of the side effects she’s experiencing from her plastic surgery. She had gotten liposuction and a breast augmentation to get back to her peak look but she’s not entirely happy about her swollen feet after all the procedures she had.

Fans Troll Cardi B Over Swollen Feet

When Cardi showed off her feet on social media, she did so fully prepared to face its backlash. A commenter was quick to say the rapper is walking around with “blimps on her feet” while another questioned if she’s supposed to feel bad for the artist. After all, she chose to have cosmetic surgery to alter how she looks so should she be prepared to face the consequences?

Cardi B Swollen Feet

Meanwhile, one of the popular plastic surgeon around, Dr. Terry Dubrow, urged the rapper to think harder about getting surgical procedures to alter her appearance in the future. People are worried that she’s suffering from this strange side effect and are hoping she would stop getting surgery altogether.



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Entertainment Tonight Celebrity News: Fans Troll Cardi B Over Swollen Feet


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