Ghanaian Actress Akuapem Poloo Shares Val’s Day Throwback, It’s The Most Provocative You’ll See In A While – Calls Follow “Evil Goat” When Criticized

Akuapem Poloo Shares Val's Day Throwback

Ghana News Today Latest Entertainment: Akuapem Poloo Shares Val’s Day Throwback

If you follow Rosemond Alade Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo on social media, then this sort of Val’s Day throwback shouldn’t surprise. The Ghanaian actress is unapologetically thirsty for fame but to be fair, she isn’t even hiding it.

Akuapem Poloo Shares Val's Day Throwback

Peep the Val’s Day throwback Akuapem Poloo shared on her Instagram page. Of course, her followers reacted.

Akuapem Poloo Shares Val's Day Throwback (2)

lizzyowusu4g: “Are u not the same person begging forgiveness for insulting people,Nd now still repeating why poloo”.

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This provoked the actress so she descended on her, “@lizzyowusu4g I’m I insulting your father here? Evil goat you see how stupid you are”.

kuaminewest: “Dis x how mia Khalifa n those satanic creatures started , continue we won’t say stop, buh 3porc aaa y3b3te ne kankan”.

Again, Rosemond Brown was annoyed. She blasted, “@kuaminewest you watching makes you one go back home and kiss your mum Anus”.

wendellpriscilla: “Akuapem please I beg you in the name of God try to stop all this.”

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Still in her aggressive mood, Polooo replied, “”@wendellpriscilla see this fool don’t you see out there did you read the caption?”

However, the Ghanaian actress had supporters who encouraged her to carry on.

pirenaesther: “Polooo baby🔥do what makes you happy sweetheart 🙌life is short flaunt your assets while alive oneday its gonna be termites food 6 ft😭so slay Mama haters gonna hate ,here in Kenya we say your dressing code your choice❤ …love you Boo😘”.

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nanaamoakomabel: “Ma gal u do all ,dose saying shit abuh it .Edey pain u u u u u 😂🥴”.

To make herself feel good about the Val’s Day throwback, Rosemond Brown shared a screenshot of Hajia4reall’s comment and ‘Like’.

Akuapem Poloo Shares Val's Day Throwback (3)

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Ghana News Today: Ghana’s Akuapem Poloo Shares Val’s Day Throwback


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