“He gon be dead before 2017″ – Soulja Boy Allegedly Threatens To Kill Rapper Rico Recklezz In Violent Tweets


Things are really happening in Soulja Boy’s life ooh! Just a week ago, he was reportedly sued for allegedly threatening to kill a man. This time around, he’s making threats on rap rival Rico Recklezz. Both rappers had exchanged some terse messages in the past, but now, Soulja Boy, 26, has stepped up the beef with alleged death threats in a series of now-deleted tweets:

Soulja Boy

“I got 100k cash right now who in Chicago wanna kill this Ni**a for me,” and “He gon be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head.”



It’s unclear who Soulja Boy is referring to but Rico lives in Chicago, and they’ve had an epic feud for some time. Even when Soulja and rapper Lil Yachty, were beefing up, Rico publicly sided with the other guy. Let’s not forget that Rico dropped a freestyle track just days later, called “No Talking”, that included a diss about Soulja Boy.

Rico Recklezz

Again, Rico feels the November 6 tweets are about him, because he tweeted that same day at Soulja that he was ready to fight whenever, wherever! “FUK IT LETS BOX 1 ON 1 FOR 10K @souljaboy WE CAN YOUTUBE IT TMZ IT WATEVA WEN U READY ????”


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