Group Rallies Around Leduc Mother Who Received Racist Letter Telling Her To Move —”We Do Not Like Your Kind Around Here”

Leduc Mother Who Received Racist Letter Telling Her To Move Gets Support From Group

A Leduc mother, Mishel Assiniboine, received a racist letter on her doorsteps telling her to “move out” with her family.

Her 5-year-old son discovered the typed message on Tuesday in the railing on her entrance porch in Leduc, Alta. The boy had initially thought it was a clue in a sport he typically performs along with his two siblings.

“We see in your house and you portray an Indian lifestyle. This is not accepted here.”

The threatening letter made it clear that the harassment will continue until the family is gone. It said:

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“This will not stop until you are gone. Move out.”

According to Jimmy Assiniboine, 13, his family was shocked when they received the racist letter asking them to “move out.”

“I didn’t know that people still did this,” he told CTV Edmonton, adding that his mother spent time in a residential school. “I thought they were done with that.”

The writer offered some reasons why they were being target. This had to do with the family’s “lifestyle” which according to the letter, was “ruining the neighbourhood.”

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The letter pointed towards “toys all over the yard and your roof is horrendous”. The writer also was not impressed with “too many people living in one house.”

The letter is similar to the one received in October by an Indigenous family in St. Albert, Alta., addressed to “the very unwanted and hated neighbours” in that community.

“Move out or things will escalate,” read the letter received by mother of three Katrina Anderson. “Would not want to see the kids getting hurt. This isn’t a reserve,” it said.

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The RCMP is now investigating and Deputy Mayor Invoice Hamilton mentioned in an announcement that the Metropolis of Leduc and its councillors are “deeply disillusioned” by the letter.

Leduc Mother Who Received Racist Letter Telling Her To Move (2)

“Our metropolis prides itself on being a caring group that’s welcoming and supportive of each individual locally — regardless of age, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. We don’t tolerate any type of hateful behaviour,” Hamilton mentioned.



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Mishel Assiniboine: Leduc Mother Who Received Racist Letter Telling Her To Move Gets Support From Group

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