Celebrity News And Gossip: Here’s How Alicia Keys Bonds With Swizz Beatz Ex-Wife To Make Her Beautiful Blended Family Work

Entertainment News Today: Alicia Keys Bonds With Swizz Beatz Ex- Wife To Make Her Beautiful Blended Family Work

Swizz Beatz has two children Egypt and Genesis together with Alicia Keys, a son named Kaseem with his ex-wife Mashonda Tifrere and a son named Prince Nasir with a woman named Nicole Levy, and a daughter named Nicole with British singer Jahna Sabastian. While speaking with Essence magazine for her June 2019 cover feature, the Grammy Award-winning singer disclosed how she bonds with her husband’s ex to have a beautiful blended family. She said:

“Man, becoming a wife and a mother, specifically a mother, really taught me so much.”




“I remember clearly wanting to remove the negative energy around me quickly, and prior to that, I didn’t feel so drawn to do that for myself. But doing it for this new soul made sense to me.”

“Swizz is a very spontaneous spirit and soul. I think he gave me a lot of that intel, too.”



“We are a beautiful blended family. I’m super proud of all of us. I think one of the things that we talk about a lot is just we’re so quick to find the negative in everything.”

“We’re so quick to just latch on to it and hold on to it and never let it go, and it’s a really beautiful thing to see the opposite side of that and to witness it in a genuine way and experience it. I think we just don’t get to see enough of it, and there’s plenty of it.”

On her bonding with Mashonda, Keys said, “Because, you know, obviously relationships take work.”

“All relationships do. You know what I mean? And when you want it, and you want to do the work, you can. So it’s a beautiful thing, and I’m definitely, definitely proud of where we are and where we’re going, you know? Our kids are dope.”

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Entertainment News Today Headlines: How Alicia Keys Bonds With Swizz Beatz Ex- Wife To Make Her Beautiful Blended Family Work


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