Here’s The Love Advice Rihanna Gave To Heartbroken Fan


Love Advice Rihanna Gave To Heartbroken Fan And She’s So Correct!

If you never thought RiRi was smart enough to handle relationship talk, then think again. Your about to read the love advice Rihanna gave to heartbroken fan after he asked the singer:

“How did you get over your first heartbreak? I’ve been struggling?”

Well, Rihanna didn’t shy away. She responded:

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“Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever!”

She added, “You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!”

Love Advice Rihanna Gave To Heartbroken Fan (1)

This is good advice as RiRi has experienced heartbreak in the past having been romantically linked to the likes of Chris Brown, Drake and Travis Scott. Anyway, this isn’t even the first time Rihanna has offered valuable advice to her followers via Twitter DMs. Only last year, she helped a gay fan come out to his family. In one of her encouraging messages, she told him:

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Rihanna (1)

“Baby it’s okay to be scared but it’s more important to be who you are! You are who you are, and as hard as it may seem, the best shit ever is freedom and peace within yourself! Your family may not understand, but luckily you live in a generation that does!!”

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Read The Love Advice Rihanna Gave To Heartbroken Fan


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