Social Media Celebrity Hushpuppi Writes A Letter To Buhari — Here’s What He Told Him

Hushpuppi Writes A Letter To Buhari

Designer Freak Hushpuppi Writes A Letter To Buhari

Hushpuppi just shared a letter he wrote to Buhari on his Instagram page.

Read it below.

“I am writing this from the point of view of a kid that was raised with little or no resources from Nigeria but has “desire” for greatness. For me I believe the starting point of all achievement is desire which except you are blind and dumb then you won’t be able to tell how weak the desire of our present rulers are when it comes to our lives, our safety, our wellness, our struggles as a hardworking people who have been categorized as lazy Nigerians. I have learnt through the years that weak desires only bring weak result just as small amount of fire makes small amount of heat.”

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Hushpuppi Writes A Letter To Buhari (2)

“We all have one way or the other experienced the amount of heat, suffering this government has brought upon the nation. As someone in his 30s, who was told as a child is the “leader of tomorrow” now i am experiencing today not as a leader and tomorrow which they referred to will probably when I’m 50 right? That’s 4 more terms of government before I am 50, with every president wanting two terms, what is the possibility that any of us will be the leader of tomorrow when in reality the same people have been ruling us from childhood? very slim or no chance right?”

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“If we are then going to be realistic with each other, we then deserve to at least pick one of the old ones who won’t make life unbearable for us, Buhari has failed us in every sector of governance, we don’t deserve to give suffer a second chance in our lives, I have never experienced so much suicide by Nigerians since my birth until Buhari took power, who is next that will be pushed to kill themself due to so much suffering?”

“It could a person close to home next. If I have to pick among the two old people who are our prime options (Buhari and Atiku) pls pick ATIKU, don’t say he chop our money before at least we or our parents didn’t commit suicide or turn internet beggars, we didn’t have to steal pants and endanger the lives of our women to survive, our economy was not in a stand still, our graduates didn’t have to go and explain what 5k can do in their life under giveaway posts on the internet. Please do what is right young and old people out there. Nigeria doesn’t need prayer, it needs right decisions. #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain”.

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Hushpuppi Writes A Letter To Buhari And It’s Damming

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