“I Will Die For My Family And Close Friends And I Have The Most To Lose – Meek Mill

Meek Mill Will Die For Family And Close Friends

Latest Hip Hop News And Rumors: Meek Mill Will Die For Family And Close Friends

There are many reasons why people are prepared to give up their life for family. However, we aren’t too sure about those who are ready to become “dearly departed” for “close friends”. Then again, some buddies eventually become family. In a tweet, Meek Mill disclosed, “I will die for my family and close friends and I have the most to lose and they all know that”.

As expected, this drew some reactions.

Meek Mill Will Die For Family And Close Friends

“Nothing feels better when family and friends is involve 💯👌🙌🏻” Wყŋɛ
Ŧђɛ Ɣɑ̤̥̈̊hoo Mɛssε̲̣̣̣̥nger

“I was just thinking bout how u deserve every blessing u receive.. Due to the sheer fact that so many valuable lives have been lost around you, man.. That money you make should rightfully be money you made! You’ve lost so much man. I’m just happy you paid! And in a position 2help!” M. Ayzn

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“Just be sure they’d do the same for you💪” @trilLest_lue

“And that’s why they should never put you in no bad situation to put your “Life” on the line for them!!!! Unless it’s a “Life or Death Situation”…… Sonia Garrett

“U are such a solid and beautiful representation of our city! Keep makin us tf proud #215tilidie” Natalie Rivera

“You stand for something so stand on it the ones you inspired uplifted and motivated still want to see you doing righteous and well just don’t loose yo self.💯” Zacheriah

“You got a big heart and you gon win forever bruh . Love you forever meek ❤️” Kendrick Mascot

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“Great heart you have, also be wise and smart. Youve grown so well. As Ive said to you before. Keep doing great things. Die for no one, live for you. You got you to loose!! You aint doin dat! You a father. Live for ya seed your planting, excuse the remainder of folks!” Xpected.style

“Will they do the same for you? Especially the friends?” – Sneaker Plug

“😂😂🙌🙌… You have that 2pac attitude in you lately meek…” Sir Mzukisi Tsengiwe

No such thing as “close friends” Arinola

“That’s another way of saying you should also live for them too…” Tye Nia

“Sounds good for twitter until you put in that position. But hey,carry on for the people who actually believe that.” buck

“I like your LOYALTY, but your close friends would not die for you, maybe some of your family members would not…I like you EARNESTY….” james er ware

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“Now meek you have to stop talking about dying.” #ElderDouglas

“so dont get mad when i put you in ya place for puttn me in a place i cant risk losin!” I am groot.

“You quite the inspiration big homie your story plenty of kids that grew up from nothing with nothing can relate and are making the best out of adulthood.. Salute bro” michelongolo


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Will you give up your life for friends, family?

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Latest Hip Hop News: Meek Mill Will Die For Family And Close Friends


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