“If You Come To My DM To Beg For Money, I Will Curse You” — Furious Nollywood Actress Funke Adesiyan Warns

“If You Come To My DM To Beg For Money, I Will Curse You” — Funke Adesiyan

Funke Adesiyan isn’t playing around with her Instagram followers this morning. She’s had enough of the “we are your fans” lot who spew negativity. The actress has even warned that if anyone DMs her to beg for money, she will curse the person. Her anger is most of these people failed to appreciate her business when she posted several pictures. She wrote:

“Good morning. Yesterday I posted pictures (lots) purposely to teach people to learn to mind their businesses. I work, very hard at that. I seldom post pictures of my business but sometimes when I do, these people who hide under “we are your fans” to spew negativity do not comment to appreciate your business. It is more sad that 80% of these negative people go to your dm to beg for money.
Henceforth, if you come to my dm to beg for money, I will curse you. If you are bold enough to write negative comment on my page, be bold enough to ask for help here.
To everyone who came to my side, #THANKYOU leave them, if na English speaking actor, na them dey praise am.”

Yesterday, the furious actress expressed disgust at “how some lazy lads” attempt to dictate how adults should live their life. She wrote:

“Its funny how some lazy lads have opinion on what a grown, hardworking woman should do with her life. The energy you put out to criticize others, if you put that into your life you might be better for it. My life, my body, my page, my posts. If you don’t like what I or anyone posts, simply look away or unfollow them. You don’t get to insult others and expect to be left alone. The decision to post whatever is mine! The earlier you understand I’m not one of those who cower at what irrelevant people think of me the better.

Parents, train your children better. ….to be better people. Adults, be more resourceful. Leave people alone to live their lives.”

Funke Adesiyan To Curse Those Who Come To Her DM To Beg For Money (2)

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“If You Come To My DM To Beg For Money, I Will Curse You” — Funke Adesiyan Threatens


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