I’m Too Shy To Act Nude Even For A Million Dollars — Nollywood’s Ebube Nwagbo

I'm Too Shy To Act Nude Even For A Million Dollars Ebube Nwagbo

I’m Too Shy To Act Nude Even For A Million Dollars — Ebube Nwagbo Says

Ebube Nwagbo, 36, has revealed in an interview with Hip TV, that she can’t act nude even for a million dollars. The actress who said she was too shy to be naked on screen, said Nollywood is different from Hollywood.

“I can’t do that, come on, this is Nollywood. We tell our own stories in our own way, that’s what makes us Nollywood. You know in Hollywood, they sell things to you, they are not realistic. Some are but most of them are not,” she said.

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“We both know how romance is in Nigeria so going nude is a no-no for me. How much is a million dollars? I know it is a lot of money but is it worth it? Kudos to anyone that can do that but I’m too shy to do that.”

When quizzed on the belief that Nollywood actresses depend on other means to fund their extravagant lifestyle, Ebube said:

“Do they think we work for free? We work and get paid. Nollywood has come to stay whether you like it or not. This is how we put food on our table.”

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“When somebody or an actress does something in Nollywood, they assume it’s somebody somewhere that did it. We dey work, dem dey pay us. No matter how small it is, if you invest you make more money. The secret with longevity in whatever you do is learning to invest back no matter how little as long as you have something that pays you and you save little by little.

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“Little by little is much so that talk is an imaginary story that started and everyone is talking about it. You are not in our bank accounts that you will know what we are earning and what we are putting out there.”

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I’m Too Shy To Act Nude Even For A Million Dollars — Ebube Nwagbo Discloses

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