“Improve The Condition Of Your Followers, Mentally And Spiritually” — Majid Michel

Improve The Condition Of Your Followers Majid Michel Says

Improve The Condition Of Your Followers — Majid Michel

A lot of people pay unnecessary attention to the number of their social media followers. Some think this is a sign of their popularity/relevance. Majid Michel has shared his thoughts on this and he actually makes sense. The Ghanaian actor would rather people with larger numbers of social media followers, use this to improve their condition mentally and spiritually. He wrote:

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“FaceBook friends : 10 million
Real Friends : 10
Hard Times Friends : 0
So in hard times, u sit alone, think alone, cos loneliness is always looking for a partner.
Get real people who will be there for you, to pray with you and help you in time of need. Get Friends you can call and talk to and have conversations with. You get so excited about your followers, what are you teaching your followers anyway? How are they benefiting from you? Do something to improve the condition of your followers, mentally and spiritually. How are you using this vehicle in your hands to open up some doors for your followers? SHARE YOUR GiFT! CHANGE THE WORLD AROUND YOU POSiTiVELY. “

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See the post below.

Improve The Condition Of Your Followers Majid Michel Says (2)

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Improve The Condition Of Your Followers — Majid Michel Says

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