Is Melania Trump Being Held Captive In Her Marriage To Donald Trump?

Melania Trump Being Held Captive In Her Marriage To Donald Trump

For whatever reasons, Melania Trump just doesn’t look a happy woman. Not even as the First Ladies of the United States. The inauguration of Donald Trump into office last Friday ensured the cameras would be focused on Trum and his family including the way he interacts with them.

We are not too convinced Donald Trump is in a happy relationship with Melania. Take for instance, how Trump walked ahead of Melania instead of waiting for her as Obama did years ago in a similar moment. Again, when she was sitting next to her husband, Melania a terrifying gif in which she goes from smiling to “death mask” in five seconds when he looks away from her.

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Melania Trump also publicly defended the leaked audio tape of her husband saying he grabbed women “by the pussy,” calling it “boy’s talk” instead of a confession of sexual assault.

I doubt if Melania Trump is being held captive in her marriage to Donald Trump. She definitely might be intimidated by his bullying nature but it’s simply Trump being Trump.

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