Ladies, 12 Tell-Tale Signs You Are A Slave In Your Relationship

Here Are 12 Tell-Tale Signs You Are A Slave In Your Relationship

A lot of people dream of getting into the perfect relationship and the more fairy-tale it is for them, the better. Just one problem, where is Prince Charming? The mission to find that man to sweep you off your feet begins and sometimes, the ‘chameleon man’ who disguises his evil intent, steps in. He comes as a friend studying you and presenting himself as all you’ve ever dreamt of or wished a guy could be.

Unknowingly, you’ve let into your heart the most abusive and inconsiderate man. He’s on a mission to bind your precious heart in chains and into slavery where the worst case emotional abuse and torture abound. The next step is you begin to find excuses on why a man that appeared so perfect INITIALLY could change. It won’t be long before you begin to blame yourself.

Ladies, if you are not sure about your situation after reading above, then perhaps, these 12 Tell-Tale Signs You Are A Slave In Your Relationship should help you.

1. You Cannot Visit Friends And Family: In this case, your partner bans you from visiting family members, friends. It gets worse when they are also forbidden from visiting you.

2. ‎All You Do Is Cook, Clean Up Without Appreciation: When you begin to feel like a maid in your own home, all is not well. It hurts more when your partner doesn’t appreciate all you do.

3. ‎He Beats You: One major sign you are a slave in your relationship is when your partner begins to beat you. He could punch, kick or even lash you with his belt.

4. People Begin To Say You Are Living In Hell: How do you relate prince charming to a tormentor? When your partner forces a life on you that ties you into emotional slavery, then it simply means you are a slave to love.

5. ‎Your Partner Cheats On You: Prince charming leaves you at home and goes after other women. Mind you, even if he doesn’t do any of the above to you, that he cheats on you, means it’s a slave relationship because you deserve the best. A man WILL NOT cheat on a woman he GENUINELY loves. Never forget that. Also, if your man forces you into sleeping with other men while he watches by the corner, then it’s time to seek help.

6. He Refuses To Take Care Of You And The Children: When your partner refuses to take care of his responsibilities such as children’s school fees, feeding, rent or even medical bills, then you need not be told to break that slave relationship.

7. ‎You Suffer From Low Self-Esteem: Just in case you didn’t know, domestic violence ( in this case, slave relationship) and low self-esteem go hand hand in hand. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse (as you see in nos 6) can make the victim remain in a slave in her relationship. The heart shattering words you receive on the regular will introduce some sort of inferiority complex.

8. Slave Relationship Can Lead To Drugs And Alcohol Abuse: This comes in when you make the wrong choice. You seek drugs and alcohol to cope with the pressure of the slave relationship. Rather than seek professional help, total breakdown may arise from taking these ‘highs’.

9. Sexual Perversion: If you engage in those types of unprintable sex acts that i can’t write here, then the chance is you may not be just a pervert. You could be a victim of a slave relationship. Mind you, if you are living like that chic in the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” then you’re most likely in a slave relationship. It’s good to explore sexually, but you need to be mindful you don’t cross the line towards insanity.

10. Fear Of Your Partner: It’s great to see mutual respect in a relationship. However, that’s different from FEAR. If you fear your partner even to the extent that you pick words to say to him, SCRAM! How can a relationship progress when there is communication breakdown? This is actually worse because it is triggered by fear.

11. Does Your Partner Put Down Your Opinions Or accomplishments?: This is definitely one of the major signs of slave relationships. Your partner belittles you and strips you off everything you have worked for. To him, you are nothing and before you know it, you will become DEPENDENT on him for everything.

12. If your Partner Threatens To Commit Suicide If You Leave Him, Then You’re In A Slave Relationship: This is systematic way of trapping you in the relationship. It’s not only restricted to suicide but also homicide. So watch out!

Amebo Book readers, be honest, how many of these are you a victim of?

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Are You Victim Of Any? 12 Tell-Tale Signs You Are A Slave In Your Relationship


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