Ladies, Here Are 10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother And It’s Revealing

Firstly, we don’t particularly think there is anything wrong with developing certain traits like you’re mum. It’s just that years back, you swore nothing would make you have those characteristics. Well, sorry to be the bearer of ‘bad’ news but here are 10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother so dress warm for this ride.

1. You No Longer Care So Much About Trendy Outfits: Oh Well, welcome to momville! You are no longer as fashion conscious as you used to be. Infact, you consider it wasteful spending so much money on buying clothes, shoes and even bags that are currently trending not just because you feel they would soon go out of fashion, but because you feel they’re too kiddy-like. You’re prepared to give them out if you have them already. Infact, you even rocked the dreaded mom jeans without caring so much. It doesn’t quite end there darling, you actually begin to complain bitterly when you see skimpy dressed girls.

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2. You Simply Hate To See Things Waste: No left over food be it pounded yam with nsala and goat meat or even okro soup/stew with tilapia is going into the bin. After failing to convince your kids on the health benefits of these meals, the next best thing is to eat it yourself or shove it into your husband’s mouth in a romantic way. You get the feeling nobody will eat the food the next day even if stored in the fridge.

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3. Bargain Hunting No Longer Embarrases You: How time changes and so does character! In the past, you always felt shopping for items sold at cheap or discounted prices were inferior and as such, could damage your reputation before your friends. Suddenly, you no longer feel abashed buying items regardless of the price tag. You not only will buy them before your friends but also recommend the bargain shops to others.

4. You Are Now On Pills: If you haven’t yet noticed, observe your mum and you will notice she’s on the pill almost permanently to fight off some sort of ailment. Hang on, you’re doing just the same now! In the past, you wondered aloud how mum would be on the pill all her life.. Preventing what? Erm… Same thing you are taking those pills for now, sweetie.

5. Friday Night Is Perfect At Home: Friday was built to chill while clubbing or partying with friends. Yeah? Not any longer for you. It’s the perfect time to relax at home watching your favourite television show, maybe even with family. You have also noticed it’s the ideal sleep time for you just like your mum used to.

6. You Begin To Use The Same Phrases As Your Mother: I bet you never knew this time would come. It’s not just hearing those all too familiar but you’re now dishing them out yourself. Examples are:

“Eye Asem Oh!”

“As long as you’re under my roof, you live by my rules.”

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“Where are your manners — are you a bush girl?”

“If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze that way.”

7. Exit Heels, Enter Flat Shoes: You have officially kissed all those painful high heels goodbye for the flat ones. You feel they are now more comfortable for you and completely in line with your age and places you visit.

8. All Of A Sudden Your Tightly Fitted Clothes, Mini Skirts And Bum Shorts Are Out The Closet: You never saw this one coming. You could struggle all day to convince yourself that you’re all grown and as such, don’t need these kiddy stuff anymore. Of course, we agree with you — only it’s your mother you’ve turned into.

9. It’s Goodbye Latest Phones And Gadgets: Look at you, LOL! You never realized your obsession with the latest iPhone, iPad and other fancy gadgets which people use more as a status symbol, would faze away. Now, it’s a waste of money which could be better used for household stuff or to better your lot in other areas in life.

10. You Begin To Pay More Attention To Politics: Yes, admit it! It’s all about what government is doing wrong. If you’re the type into social media, you begin to rant about the various policy implementation and its effect.

Ok, we have 10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother but since neither Amebo Book nor you can get enough of the fun here, we will add two more.

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11. You Begin To Say Or Do Things That Embarrass Your Kids: This is surely a massive one. Ladies, while growing up, can you honestly say you never complained bitterly that your mother was embarrassing you before your friends? If you felt dear mama did at the time, well, here you are repeating those same things you despised at the time and see nothing wrong with them.

12. Traditional Outfits Make You Look Like Your Mother: No matter how stylish that Ankara or any other traditional outfit is made, you can’t shake off seeing your mother’s face when you look in the mirror. Hey, it’s a beautiful thing!

At the end of the day, if there are any of these 10 signs you are turning into your mother, then it means you are now matured and the ultimate wife material.

We are done here and can go on but we want you to contribute to this. Amebo Book readers, share with us, how many of the above 10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother you have actually noticed in your life. There are 12 actually.

Photo Credit: Delicious Egusi prepared by Chef Tatiana.

Banku With Tilapia: Coco van M

Of course the best shito in Ghana Royal Wuzpok

Traditional Outfit: Owusuaasayshi/Instagram

Trendy Ripped Jeans: Mercy Aigbe

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These 10 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother Could Mean You’re The Ultimate Wife Material

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