Latest Hip Hop News And Rumors: LL Cool J Reveals “Jingling Baby” As The First Music Video That He Actually Danced In

Latest Hip Hop News: First Music Video LL Cool J Danced In “Jingling Baby” Brings Fond Memories

LL Cool J is full of fond memories. The American rapper whose real name is James Todd Smith, shared a throwback to 1989 when he released “Jingling Baby”. LL says it’s the first time he actually danced in a music video. He wrote:

First Music Video LL Cool J Danced In Jingling Baby (2)

“They call me Uncle L, Future of the Funk!!! #TBT Jingling Baby!!! The worlds greatest house party!!! This video had a lot of statements that I wanted to make, from the little details of the tri colored Bally’s to the muscle bound bouncer running around dancing instead of stressing lol. I let a homeless beggar in the party because we all deserve to have a good time. F*ck elitism!! It was also the first music video that I actually danced in 💪🏾💯 I just wanted everyone to have a good time, people to feel connected, make it as down to earth and real as possible!!! @RockTheBellsSXM #TIMELESS”.



In other LL Cool J news, the rapper is well documented to have told Rolling Stone when asked;

You titled your 2000 album G.O.A.T. and now people use that acronym for Greatest of All Time everywhere. How do you know when to call yourself the G.O.A.T.?

“You got to believe in yourself and speak it into existence. Everybody ain’t going to agree, but I’ll tell you what I did. Muhammad Ali said he was the “Greatest of All Time.” I took that and made the acronym G.O.A.T. and put it out there in the world and look how it’s changed popular culture. I know people like to pretend they don’t know that my G.O.A.T. album is when that term was introduced — they throw it around with no regard to who created it — but at the end of the days, I made an album and stamped myself with that and turned around and made that the title of excellence for our entire country. While it’s debatable whether or not people believe I am the G.O.A.T., they are so impacted by that term that they call Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, LeBron, and Biggie the G.O.A.T. all because I made that album. I look at that as a victory.”

So you see, LL has always been a legend.

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New Hip Hop News: First Music Video LL Cool J Danced In “Jingling Baby” Brings Fond Memories


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