Makeup Artist Has Turned A Blonde White Woman Into Black One

paintdatface: Makeup Artist Has Turned A Blonde White Woman Into Black One

One makeup artist has turned a blonde white woman into black one. The post which was shared on Instagram, generated so much anger that the account went private. Hours ago, the makeup artist posted the message below on IG

“The transformation that I recently posted of a woman transformed into a woman of another culture has been highly criticized by those who don’t understand the message. I deleted the post, not because I had regret or saw wrongdoing, but because of the negativity social media turned it into. It’s been assumed by most that my intentions were to transform my model into a black woman. Truth is, my intentions were to keep the look vague enough to be relatable to many women of different cultures, but the true inspiration of the overall look came from my Cuban heritage. Although I am saddened by how many people are angered, I can’t offer an apology for my artwork and for what I find to be beautiful. The transformation came from a place of love and was not about mocking one’s race, but rather about celebrating it. I am so proud to be illustrating a woman representing several cultures along with their achievements, beliefs and histories. Art is interpreted differently by all and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but making this world a better place starts with our mindset – thinking positive, showing love and practicing unity.”

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Amebo Book readers, did the makeup artist do anything wrong?

Makeup Artist Has Turned A Blonde White Woman Into Black One But Not Everybody Is Happy

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