Headlines Today Breaking News: Memphis Man Charged After Firing Shots At Woman And 4-Year-Old Child

Current News Headlines: Man Charged After Firing Shots At Woman And 4-Year-Old Child

A man identified as Adonis Saunders, has been arrested after he fired shots at a woman and her 4-year-old child at their home off Brewer Avenue on Tuesday evening. It’s understood the suspect is now facing attempted murder charges. The mother who was shot at said:

“I just know him as a neighbor, and then next thing I know shots are being fired at me and my daughter.”

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“Shots were all in my baby’s room. Like, they came in my baby’s room.”

Trouble started when she was in her front yard with her daughter, and one of her friends walked by. She then yelled at her friend the same time Saunders and his teen girlfriend walked by. This didn’t go down too well with Saunders who was angered by her tone.


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“They thought I was talking to them. I was like, ‘I’m not even talking to you.”

This didn’t seem enough to calm the situation as they thought the mother was addressing them.

‘He was like, ‘B**ch, I’ll kill you. I’ll you you and your daughter.”

It was then Saunders went down a few doors away and into his home. He returned armed and even his girlfriend, is believed to have shot the gun once as the mother shielded her daughter.

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According to the woman, the shooting was too close to home. She is planning on leaving as “I don’t feel safe.”

The mother also disclosed being of assistance to Saunders in the past when he asked for money.


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News Media: Man Charged After Firing Shots At Woman And 4-Year-Old Child

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