Headlines Today Breaking News: Man Speaks About Racist Experience At Charlotte Smoothie King After “Jackie Chan” Was Put As His Name On Receipt: ‘It’s insulting’

Man Speaks About Racist Experience At Charlotte Smoothie King

News Media: Man Speaks About Racist Experience At Charlotte Smoothie King After “Jackie Chan” Was Put As His Name On Receipt: ‘It’s insulting’

One man isn’t impressed with the racist treatment he received from Charlotte Smoothie King. Tony Choi is making his experience public after an employee put “Jackie Chan” as his name on a receipt.

Man Speaks About Racist Experience At Charlotte Smoothie King

He was at a Trampoline Park Sunday with his daughters and so they decided to stop over at a Smoothie King off Davis Lake Parkway on the way home. He ordered for himself and children but as he was leaving, he noticed the name written on the receipt. He said:

“I noticed on the little tickets that print out for the smoothie maker that it said ‘Jackie Chan’ on there and the kids (employees) started giggling back there.”

He then asked for a copy of the receipt.

“You’re asking for the customer’s name to build that personal bond with them. It was more work for them to type that than it was to put nothing in.”

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Even though his girlfriend, Danielle Palladino, wasn’t with him, she was angry when told what had happened. She said:

“I’ve experienced those kind of remarks with him before but it’s in more of like a private setting. It hurt my feelings that my boyfriend was experiencing something like that so publicly.”

According to Choi, he normally has thick skin when it comes to situations like the Smoothie King incident. However, this experience was different. He said:

“I usually brush things off. I don’t really let things bother me. I think it was more the fact that they were laughing about it. It’s insulting you know.”

He registered his dissatisfaction by contacting Smoothie King to file a complaint and tagging the company in a post on Facebook.

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This past weekend, something similar happened at a Smoothie King on Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. Another customer revealed that they got a receipt with the n-word written on it.

Smoothie King released a statement to WBTV News regarding the two incidents Sunday night.

“Today, two instances happened in our Charlotte franchise stores that are totally unacceptable and go against every value that we stand for. Two of our team members wrote inappropriate, racial remarks about our guests. We have zero tolerance for any action where a guest is disrespected, and we have taken immediate and decisive action. As of tonight, both team members involved have been terminated. Both stores will be closed until the franchisees and their respective teams complete further training on our standards and to ensure that nothing like this occurs again. Additionally, we are continuing our investigation to insure that any individuals involved in these situations have been terminated. This behavior does not in any way reflect our company’s commitment to creating an open and welcoming environment, and for that we sincerely apologize. Our senior management team is taking additional steps to reinforce and retrain all of our franchisee and store-level employees of our inclusivity policies and best practices.”

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Meanwhile, the sign on the door of the Smoothie King off Davis Lake Parkway said the location was closed for staff training.

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