Latest News In USA: Maryland Mother Boils Her OWN SON, 4, Alive In Bath Then Calls Cab To Dispose Of The Body

Latest News In US: Maryland Mother Boils Son Alive And Disposes Of The Body

A Maryland mother identified as Alicia Lawson, 25, has been arrested after she alongside her wife, Shatika Lawson, 40, boiled their son Malachi Lawson, 4, alive then called a cab to dispose of the body. It’s understood Alicia ‘took a Lyft to a dumpster’ to allegedly dump her child’s body. She told police her boy was put in a hot bath and had suffered burns so severe that his skin was floating in the water around him. The police say the boy had likely been dead since August 1.

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Alicia Lawson

Meanwhile, authorities including the FBI, had been searching for Malachi after he was reported missing from the porch of his grandmother’s home in Baltimore on Thursday, August 1. However, on Friday night, Alicia admitted that Malachi was actually dead. She and Shatika have both been charged in connection to the child’s death. It was the victim’s mother who led the police to Malachi’s remains on Saturday where his body was found in a metal trash bin and had ‘obvious signs of injury’. The boy suffered severe, untreated burns before he was found, according to Baltimore police.

Malachi Lawson

Charging documents released Monday have revealed more details leading up to the boy’s death.  It states that Alicia and Shatika told police that Malachai was burned by bath water so hot that his skin was floating around him. The cops say they feared getting punished, so tried to treat the burns themselves. It’s understood that Alicia found her son unresponsive nine days later in a ‘puddle of wetness’. She allegedly wrapped him in a blanket and caught a Lyft to a dumpster nearly 10 miles away.

Shatika Lawson

According to investigators who tested the water at the couple’s home, ‘at no time’ did the bath water exceed lukewarm temperatures. It’s gathered that both women face charges including involuntary manslaughter, child abuse and false statements. They could also face further charges once a medical examination has been completed, police commissioner Michael Harrison disclosed. Prosecutors claim that the FBI grew suspicious after finding that the mother reportedly had searched for trash collection sites on the web.

Shakita Lawson’s lawyer argued in court that the couple had asked their landlord to fix the hot water in the bathtub after Malachi had been injured.

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Latest News From US: Maryland Mother Boils Son Alive And Disposes Of The Body


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