Latest Hip Hop News And Rumors: Meek Mill Reveals Why He Doesn’t Trust People Anymore

Hip Hop News Latest: Meek Mill Doesn’t Trust People Anymore Because They Have Too Many Agendas

Look, you can’t really trust everyone these days. They have too many hidden agendas. Meek Mill took to Twitter to give one reason why he doesn’t trust people anymore.

Meek Mill Doesn't Trust People They Have Too Many Agendas

The rapper whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, got some reactions.

One Twitter user wrote, “And why should People Trust You King? An Agenda can also just be a goal or plan of Positive Action. I hear ppl say they DONT TRUST others, but never say why they CAN be trusted or what Agenda(s) they have themselves.”

Another gave scary figures on the potential hidden agendas, “There’s 7 billion people in the world with 7 billion agendas”.

While a third tweeted, “Brah I been going through that emotion lately too.. Cut my ties with a lot got a new phone new number.. Shyt feels different cause my shyt ain’t ringing off the hook but I’m solo content”.



Truthfully, Tupac emphasized this in his third studio album, “Me Against the World” and in the track itself.

Anyway, another Twitter user made it clear to Meek, “You were never meant to trust them in the first place… Trust in God… Lead your family and rebuild your community and people… Kings need none…”

While another gave political reason on the agendas of even the elected, “You can imagine our President who promised change in 2015 had an entire agenda unknown to us…

Trust No One”

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Hip Hop Entertainment News: Meek Mill Doesn’t Trust People Anymore Because They Have Too Many Agendas


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