Headlines Today Breaking News: Mid-South Man Arrested, Accused Of Assaulting Woman, 5-Day-Old Baby

Mid-South Man Accused Of Assaulting Woman, 5-Day-Old Baby

News Media: Mid-South Man Arrested, Accused Of Assaulting Woman, 5-Day-Old Baby

A Mid-South man identified as Larry Lindsey, accused of assaulting a woman and her five-day-old daughter nearly two years ago, has been arrested by the police. The authorities say he was charged with domestic assault-bodily harm and child abuse and neglect after he was taken into custody on Saturday, June 1.

Mid-South Man Accused Of Assaulting Woman, 5-Day-Old Baby
Larry Lindsey

Trouble started two years ago after a woman called 911 to report her boyfriend for attacking her after she threw him out of her apartment. He left but returned asking for their daughter. The woman refused and was holding the child at the time when Lindsey allegedly attacked. She told the authorities of how Lindsey struck her in the face with a closed fist. She then placed the baby on the bed and Lindsey dragged her away and began kicking her before grabbing two sticks and beating her with them.

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Eventually, Lindsey fled the home after his victim pushed him off and ran to her baby, according to the police. It was when he fled the home that the woman screamed for help from a nearby window. The police noticed she had a swollen face when they arrived. She also had a busted lip and a scratch on her neck. The 5-day-old babg was also injured on the side of her head which had swollen up. Doctors said the injury was consistent with blunt force trauma.

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Current News Headlines: An arrest warrant was issued for Lindsey on November 13, 2017 and he was arrested on June 1, 2019.

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