Moesha Boduong Building A House Has Left Non Fans In A Fury

Moesha Boduong Building A House – Check Out The Photo

A lot of fans believe the Ghanaian Instagram slay queen cannot work hard enough to earn a living. Moesha Boduong admitted to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour she sleeps with married men to pay her rent and other bills. The actress has since apologized publicly after claiming other ladies in her country do the same. However, this hasn’t stopped Moesha from showing off expensive acquisitions like a brand new Range Rover Vogue, designer clothes from her exotic holidays around the world etc.

This time, Moesha Boduong is building a house and it hasn’t gone down too well with some of her followers. The actress shared a photo of the building with the caption:

Moesha Boduong Building A House (2)

Grateful 🙏🙏🙏🙏 God is good 🙏🙏Adijringanor landlady

While some praised her especially her colleagues, there were those vexed by this.

costero4me: “Foolish woman without brains.. milking someone’s husband ..”

ohonaapo: “U do ashawo aaaa take dey come build.”

skunta_ann: “@moeshaboduong pls I don’t want to unveil any truth behind this picture for you to be attacked so pls kindly delete post before the truth goes viral”

ana.1665: “Trying to show ur haters u got a house by which means ? What is actually your mensagem here lady ? We should do what you do for money or clap and support ? I no get”

dollydocwigs: “This is What Ghanaian Slay Queens shud be doing not to buy Gucci cars congratulations sweetheart.”

Meanwhile, Boduong has stated clearly that sleeping with married men can never get you a mansion her own.


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Moesha Boduong Building A House Has Infuriated Some People


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