Newly Wed Banky W Explains Why He Is Always Hard On Himself, Find Out!

Singer Banky W Explains Why He Is Always Hard On Himself

Banky W has made a name for himself in the music industry and appears to be enjoying acting. In a chat with Saturday Beats, Banky W explains why he is always hard on himself. The singer revealed that his achievements is as a result of being his own biggest critic. He added that regardless of how his performances are rated, they aren’t good enough for him. He gives the impression that he is a perfectionist. The newly wed also disclosed that if his works aren’t criticized, it could lead to the end of his career.

He said:

“Anybody that has paid attention to my music videos would know that I have had this flirtatious love affair with the movie-making business because most of my videos are short films. I tend to tell stories with my music videos because I have always been a storyteller. In fact, from my younger days, I always considered myself as a writer before I saw myself as a singer or an actor. In that sense, watching myself on the screen was not much of a surprise because I have been flirting with it for a long time.

“I try to be my biggest critic and I consider myself as such. That is how I am about my music and businesses. I feel that the day you are satisfied with your performance and job, it is the beginning of the end because you would start to become complacent. I am always harsh on myself. So, even people think I have done a good job; I try to look at the one area that I can improve on. While I really love Wedding Party 1, I feel there were things I could have improved on. It is the same thing with the second part; I watch the movie and I look for my mistakes. I have not even started to watch the film yet; instead, I am looking for where I made mistakes. That is just the way that I am as an entertainer and performer.”

The singer also said his involvement in the movie industry would not hurt his music.

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Revealed: Banky W Explains Why He Is Always Hard On Himself


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