Mabel Agbenyo: Nigerian Lady Survives After Her Car Somersaulted Twice And Fell Into Roadside Ditch [Photos]

Nigerian Lady Survives After Her Car Somersaulted Twice

Photos: Nigerian Lady Survives After Her Car Somersaulted Twice And Fell Into Roadside Ditch

A Nigerian lady identified as Mabel Agbenyo, has taken to her Facebook page to narrate how she nearly lost her life as her car somersaulted twice in an accident which ended with the vehicle sliding into a roadside ditch. She wrote:

Nigerian Lady Survives After Her Car Somersaulted Twice (2)

“Last night was bad and could have been my last as my car somersaulted twice and when it landed it was on my side and I felt myself and the car sliding into the ditch. The driver in front of me was signaling to the left so I moved to the right, in less than 3 seconds he swerved to the right and I tried to avoid him but it was too close so I tapped my brake and the next thing I know I had somersaulted and bounced off the road.

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I said a quiet prayer to God saying saying “if I don’t make it out here lord help me make heaven amen” then I raised my hand to protect my face as the car slid to the ditch. I was pulled out from the window by some men and I’m grateful for that because kanipe the fuel which was full tank started leaking shebi na roasting things. on our way to the hospital I had to take off my top to tie the wrist before my precious blood finish pouring

Good Samaritans pulled me out from the passenger side and brought me out, someone brought out my bag and made me sit on the ground as the blood poured. My wrist was chopped open and the blood was flowing, the young man whose car my car hit ran to me and was screaming that I must pay for his repairs. His wife was screaming at me saying I must pay and the man snatch my phone insisting I pay before they take me to the hospital. Helpers were willing to fight him off and I told them to let him get my number and by 11pm I paid 60k for his car.

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Mabel Agbenyo

I had paid 47k few hours before the accident for the repairs of my car and the mechanic didn’t do a good job, my car got really bad but it’s something that can be fixed so all is well. I’m grateful to God for his mercy and preservation and no life was lost. Glory to God.

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There is a reason God kept me and I might never know it, all the revelations pointed to my death but God kept me even in my unfaithfulness he has remained faithful. I am fine and I am healthy, give glory to God in my behalf for he has won again!!!”


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Mabel Agbenyo: Nigerian Lady Survives After Her Car Somersaulted Twice And Slid Into Ditch

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