Nigerians React After Halima Abubakar Cries Out Over Her Suffering That Comes With Motherhood

Halima Abubakar Motherhood

My Nipples Have Suffered – Halima Abubakar Cries Out

Halima Abubakar disclosed on Instagram the pain she goes through while breastfeeding her baby. She wrote:

“My Nipples have suffered lol God bless our mothers‼️ No be small thingmy blessing I am going to be a great mum”.

Her colleague Monalisa Chinda, praised her while writing, “Welldone.. make sure you do your due diligence for 6 months”.

Halima’s fans weren’t left out. They had words for the actress.

mareprecious1: “Motherhood is a blessing enjoy it babes your son is blessed having you as his momma keep on enjoying every second love you stay safe @halimabubakar”.

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_prettyjaneybaby: “@halimabubakar sis wait until he grows teeth that’s when you will understand “.

engelmannangela: “@halimabubakar you are doing amazing job with your baby and you sure are a Great Mom! More grace . Beautiful “.

bolaadebayolady: “@Halimabubakar…dont use nipple cream…avoid all form of chemical in contact with your neonatal. From experience of having children and health care professional, after breastfeeding your baby, wash nipple with luke warm water and express your milk out. With clean hands Use it to rub around your nipple. Leave to air dry…do same every time you nurse the baby. It will heal up soon. That is the best cure. You got antibody to fight it. Your milk got the remedy Feel free to inbox me anytime for any other questions. Happy to share my professional knowledge and experience.”

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However, not everyone was impressed with the actress. They blasted;

lahteefahenn: “Please take care of our baby before you slay oooo. You too fine joh”.

mz_midecherry: “Bye girl am tayad of yah lies”

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officiallajolie: “I thought she was lying about having a baby. I’m confused does she or not?”

zazi_bugatti: “@iam_uboho it’s a shame,how she has no shame… No one is talking about the child she said is on ICU”

vickykal3: “You r going to or you are already a great mum?”

heesroyalmajesty: “People now communicate with their family members via instagram”

Halima Abubakar Motherhood (2)

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