Nollywood’s Chizzy Alichi Narrates What Happened When She Entered Restaurant To Eat Pounded Yam And Vegetable Soup But Ended Up Being Told She’s Fat

Chizzy Alichi Pounded Yam And Vegetable Soup

Chizzy Alichi Narrates What Happened When She Entered Restaurant To Eat Pounded Yam And Vegetable Soup, She Got An Uncomplimentary Remark

A lot of Nigerians enjoy eating pounded yam with vegetable, Egusi, Nsala or any other soup. Not many care that it’s really fattening. Chizzy Alichi took to her Instagram page to narrate what happened when she went to a restaurant to enjoy this delicacy.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, Chizzy’s pounded yam and vegetable soup was ready. It wasn’t long before a woman walked up to her and told her she’s added weight and pleaded with the Nollywood actress not to add any more weight. Though it’s hilarious, not too many ladies like to be called fat especially the younger celebs (We don’t see her being fat oh). Anyway, read what she wrote below.

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“Story of the day. I entered one restaurant and ordered poundo yam n vegetable soup, I waited for like 30mins and immediately the food arrived, one woman walked up to me and was like “Chizzy is that you? U r so beautiful but u have added plenty weight, please don’t add again, I love your shape. Now am looking at the food confused. Do i eat the food or not? Answers please”

Her fans reacted alongside her Nollywood colleagues.

Chizzy Alichi Pounded Yam And Vegetable Soup (2)

nac_roderick: “Did u say Vegetable soup N Pounded yam? Cuz this looks like Vegetable soup N Egg roll. Lol @chizzyalichi”

ifyjip: “Well I don’t know y ppl eat pounded yam, I don’t like it and it takes time to digest so it’s a no no for me…….”

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futu212: “Hunger never hold you… you Dey see vegetable soup still Dey ask questions”

blessing_hrt: “Wait oh na fufu dey roll like dat?”

amobi_chinyere: “Some people just knows how to spoil someone’s mood my dear your weight,and your shape is superb besides food doesn’t really make one fat chaa,the only thing there is just to eat at a normal level…jisike nne”

royal_prince_brooklyn: “@chizzyalichi I wished u never eat d food now I would have just asked u to shit it to my table side so u can enjoy it while I help u download it to my Tommy. But why some pple nor fit just keep their opinion to themselves? Must everybody be slim? Some like it phat while some like it slim.”

ovetheyoh: “U beta eat ur food ooo… Not every talk u should attend to…she will still be de one to ask u Y u’ve lose so much weight… Oh u’re too skinny etc. So shark her off n swallow that thing joor…”

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ezenwauwakwe: “Lol, you sure say u never finished the food before asking us chizzy??”

swheetmira: “Na pounded yam wey my mama dey put untop each other naim dem do like sausage roll so? I’m done with western life”

princessdiam1: “But indeed uv added weigh..take vegetable,fruit ..more of oat and beans.instead of pounde eat wheat”

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Actress Chizzy Alichi Narrates What Happened When She Entered Restaurant To Eat Pounded Yam And Vegetable Soup


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