“Peculiar Kid” And Nigerian Socialite, Pretty Mike Reveals His Mother Supports Him Having S*x Doll

Shocking! Pretty Mike Reveals His Mother Supports Him Having S*x Doll

A lot of social media users were shocked when initially, pictures emerged showing socialite and club owner, Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as  Pretty Mike, hit events with chained girls on a dog leash in Lagos. Just in case you wondered if he got family support for his ‘sick’ behaviour, you are about to find out who backs him. Not too long ago, Mike announced on his Instagram handle that he was the proud owner of a s*x doll. The socialite has also disclosed that his mother supports him having a s*x doll as well as his other actions. He said:

“My mother has always known that I am a peculiar kid and I am an entertainer who never plays with his entertainment business. So for her, she is very supportive. My mother is very supportive of anything I want to do, including having a sex doll because for her everything is always like phase with me. She would tell her friends that I am an adult irrespective of what I say and how I say it and she is not going to come to my house every day or be in my bedroom every night.

“So she believes that everything I do is a phase that would not last forever. It could be for a short period of time. That is her belief. She always feels that I would get tired of it and that is how she sees most of these things. I am very fond of my mother.”

The club owner who admitted not being in a relationship at the moment, claimed most of the ladies he has been “talking” to are threatened by his s*x doll.

“When it comes to my relationship status, I am talking to some ladies. We just met and it is one step at a time but with Amaka (sex doll) in the way, they also see that there is stiff competition.

“Some of the ladies I have been with feel that Amaka is a competition so they believe they have something to prove. They try to show me the difference between the two of them; what they can do that the sex doll cannot do.

“So they are in competition with Amaka; they try to outdo her and show me what they can do that she cannot do. It has been an interesting ride so far.”

PM as he is fondly called, disclosed that he doesn’t believe in marriage. He also added that if he should toe that path, he would find a way to ‘settle’ his s*x doll. He said:


“Wait upon the Lord when it comes to marriage. It is God that would determine when I would get married. I have a lot of people that try to matchmake, to hook me up with some women but I am not the type to rush into marriage. Honestly speaking, I am not the type that believes in marriage, especially with the rate at which marriages are failing nowadays in our society.

“I am someone who goes for a lot of weddings and I have been groomsman many times at weddings, same way I have been the best man for so many people. I must tell you that a high percentage of those marriages do not make it past the first or second year.

“So when I see things like that, I feel discouraged. Our environment is one that allows a lot of dishonesty so it has become very hard for someone like me who people are expecting to get married to have a wedding, so I always tell people that I am waiting upon the Lord.”

“When it comes to my ideal woman for marriage, I am not really picky. I do not have a particular specification. For me, character comes first; it is the number one item for me. She has to be a decent and well-mannered person.

“Her intellect is also important and those are the things I look out for because I have seen it all. Nothing really thrills me when it comes to the outward appearance of a lady. I need to know her behaviour and what she has to offer. Then her physique can come next.

“When I finally want to settle down, everything will be based on understanding. The lady would know that I (already) have a companion so we would sit down, talk and make a decision. If my partner is okay with the sex doll, then she would become part of the family. And if she is not cool with it, then we would sit down and talk about how to settle Amaka because she has to be settled.”

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Lagos Socialite Pretty Mike Reveals His Mother Supports Him Having S*x Doll


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