“Players” Will Always Do What They Want To Do. Your Love Should Be Enough To Discipline Them — Actress Vicky Zugah

Ghanaian Actress Vicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah Things Love Is Enough To Change A Player

Yes, it’s true that love conquers all but is this intense feeling of deep affection sufficient enough to change a player whose ambition is to toy with the partner? Well, Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah thinks a weak partner will always cheat but the antidote is ‘love’.

We dare to say that some cheating partners may confuse the love Vicky Zugah is talking of for weakness. Anyway, read her post and let’s have your thoughts.

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“If you are involved with a weak man/woman you will always end up sharing them. No matter what you do to keep girls/boys away from them,they will be texting another one next week. He/she is the problem, not the other people. Your job is to love your partner not to babysit them. You can’t spend your life trying to guard against what might happen when he/she is left alone. The unpopular truth is that “players” will always do what they want to do. Your love should be enough to discipline them. You must find a man/woman who is strong enough not to make other men/women your competition. There’s someone for everyone. Keep searching till you land yours. Never give up on Love. Those in seemingly perfect relationships don’t have two heads. You too deserve a king/Queen. Never give up. Keep searching. Good luck”

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If You Are Involved With A weak Partner, You Will Always End Up Sharing Them — Actress Vicky Zugah


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