Quiz Your Friends: Answer These Five Trivia Quizzes To Test Your Brain On Black History

Quiz King: Answer These Five Trivia Quizzes To Test Your Brain On Black History

It’s mandatory to know about black history because the TRUTH is, there is more to African American than all of the negativity we see on TV, the news, movies and even social media. It’s also important to have conversations about race to acquire more knowledge which you already know is power. We prefer you start in a fun and lively way to get educated. You can quiz your friends and family by sharing this post as well. At the end of answering all this, you would be quiz king.

Let’s start by giving you five trivia quizzes on black history to test how much knowledge you have already and what you have learnt from taking this.

Answers are at the end of the post but try not to look at them till you have answered all the quizzes. Remember, this is fun but in an educative way.

1. At the time of her historic bus incident, what was Rosa Parks’ occupation?

A) Hospital orderly

B) Drugstore clerk

C) High school cafeteria worker

D) Department store seamstress

2. What was the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s father’s church?

A) Ebenezer Baptist

B) Atlanta Southern Baptist

C) Southern Church of the People

D) Atlanta Tabernacle

3. SNCC member Stokely Carmichael was instrumental in forming the Lowndes County Freedom Organization in Alabama. What was its symbol?

A) A balance scale

B) The letters MLK

C) A black panther

D) A raised fist

4. Who wrote the bestselling memoir “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”? 

A) Maya Angelou

B) Coretta Scott King

C) Fannie Lou Hamer

D) Rosa Parks

5. What was Muhammad Ali’s original name?

A) Leviticus Lewis

B) Marcellus Moore

C) Cassius Clay

D) Aaron Brown

So what did you score out of 5? Check out the answers below.



1. “D” – Department store seamstress

2.”A” – Ebenezer Baptist

3. “C” – A black panther

4. “A” – Maya Angelou

5. “C” – Cassius Clay


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Quiz English: Answer These Five Trivia Quizzes To Test Your Brain On Black History

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