Rapper The Game Has Given 2Pac Biopic Ultimate Co-Sign : “You Looking For Any Flaw” [Video]

The Game Has Given 2Pac Biopic Ultimate Co-Sign

The Game Has Given 2Pac Biopic Ultimate Co-Sign

Rapper The Game has given 2Pac biopic ultimate co-sign and has publicly shown support for the upcoming 2Pac biopic.

According to the West Coast rapper, he was blown away by actor Demetrius Shipp Jr.‘s portrayal of 2Pac. The Game said:

The Game Has Given 2Pac Biopic Ultimate Co-Sign

To play 2Pac, to do a movie on 2Pac, we as the fan or the consumer or the moviegoer watching it, you looking for any flaw. I’m gonna tell you that homie that did it, is really, he’s murking it. Shout-out to Met, Demetrius. He killed it. When the movie first came on, it’s not Pac per se, himself. So you’re a little critical. You’re like, ‘Let me see.’ And I’m talking about 10 minutes in, it switch. Then by the time the movie ends, you forgot you weren’t watching Pac. That’s how much he dug into that role. They did a really good job with that movie.”

All Eyez On Me is slated to arrive in theaters on June 16. That day would have marked 2Pac’s 46th birthday.

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Read what director Benny Boom said while defending his decision to cast Hollywood newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr. for the movie role. He said:

I feel like I definitely got the right actor to play Tupac,” he said of Hollywood newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr. “It was important to get an unknown [actor] so people can lock into him and his performance versus any sort of baggage that another actor would bring,” Douglas revealed. “This role is just too important for hip-hop culture to mess it up.”

In September, Shipp talked about portraying 2Pac and what fans should expect.

It’s not even comparing that, because it’s 2Pac, and this is a global star and icon. This is one of the biggest biopics that will ever be done. Next to Michael Jackson, you know what I’m saying? As far as the people in the world that’s respected and loved when it comes to entertainment and as big as Pac, it’s Mike… 2Pac, Elvis or something like that?”

West Coast Rapper The Game Has Given 2Pac Biopic Ultimate Co-Sign

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