Rapper T.I. Has Responded To Rob Kardashian’s Social Media Meltdown Against Blac Chyna Which Implicates Him — ‘Don’t tell women’s business, that’s bad!’

‘Don’t tell women’s business, that’s bad!’ — T.I. Has Responded To Rob Kardashian’s Social Media Meltdown Against Blac Chyna

You already know about the show of shame which Rob has accused Chyna of. Well, T.I. has responded to Rob Kardashian’s social media meltdown against Blac Chyna which implicates him. The rapper’s message for Rob clearly says:

“Don’t tell women’s business. That’s bad. That’s very, very bad. Poor character. Flawed, you know what I mean?” T.I. — born Clifford Harris — said. “If a woman trusted you and confided in you with secrets and stuff like that, you don’t ever let that — you don’t do that. Secrets are sacred, you don’t do that. That’s a whole other level of f—boy s— right there.”

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T.I. Has Responded To Rob Kardashian's Social Media Meltdown Against Blac Chyna (1)

T.I. added that he thinks Kardashian, 30, is going to have a hard time hooking up with women after exposing Chyna in a series of now-deleted rants on social media.

Even though T.I. didn’t mention Rob Kardashian by name, it was clear who he was referring to.

The furious Kardashian had taken to Instagram to accuse T.I., 36, of having a threesome with his now estranged wife Tiny, 41, and Blac, 29.

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Last week, Rob called out the rapper on Twitter. He said:

‘Chyna told me everything about your threesomes with you and her and Tiny.

‘U got no moves bro ;;; Correction ::: TI paid Chyna to have sex with Tiny and him.’

However, Twitter put a stop to Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn blasts against Blac Chyna by closing his page on Wednesday. However, he is still on Twitter, but the site has removed all the nude photos from his page.

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We’ll keep you updated as more drama unfolds. Meanwhile, for more on Amebo Book, HERE

TI Responds To Rob Kardashian’s Claim He Had Threesome With Blac Chyna: ‘Don’t Tell Women’s Business’


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