Read The Open Letter Afia Schwarzenegger Wrote To Christabel Ekeh’s Family — “Do I need to remind them that a musician was dragged to court for showing his lil penis last year?”

Open Letter Afia Schwarzenegger Wrote To Christabel Ekeh’s Family, Do You Agree With Her?

Christabel’s nude photos topic is all across social media with many giving their opinions on why the actress chose to post such pics. Some feel she’s literally lost her mind. One of those who laughed at her initially the photos went viral is Afia. The outspoken lady has studied the situation, digested it and has dropped her opinion yet again after the Ekeh family failed woefully in an attempt to do some damage control over the nude pics. They had stupidly come out to say Christabel was promoting a brand. Anyway, you’re about to read the open letter Afia Schwarzenegger wrote to Christabel Ekeh’s family.

Open Letter Afia Schwarzenegger Wrote To Christabel Ekeh’s Family:

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Open Letter Afia Schwarzenegger Wrote To Christabel Ekeh's Family

“Dear Christabel Ekeh’s Family
With the love of God I beg you all to refrain from granting more interviews on her nude pics.. 1.If we are all going to be judge by 1 God then we should look at both pictures clearly and admit there’s a problem with 1.

I was among those that laughed when I first saw the KVIP poses…but for the love of Christ if this chick is normal and promoting any brand as she claims why is her makeup so messed up???

2.what brand will this pose promote if I may ask

3.why the conflicting interviews becos yesterday her sister Tabitha didn’t do her any good on Peace Fm..her stories seem not to be straight n so and so forth e.g. we will release the edited photo shoot soon when she is ready…Really..who does that..get the tape n listen to yourself n tell me if u believe your own story.

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4.i took a semi nude picture myself and my siblings were not granting any interviews becos I am believed to be in right frame of mind and can defend myself as an adult…
Why is Christabel Ekeh’ s family now her Pr…When did she fire @ghkwaku?

5.Don’t we all think that we are doing more harm to her n her brand by defending the obvious than actually admitting n getting help?
I read comments like “I hate her’, ‘she is disgusting” etc n even tho I don’t know her it kinda breaks my heart..

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6.when did the fierce lady in the first pic transformed into the colour blind naked woman on the grass…is she the brand ambassador for the garden of Eden or what

7.Now that the family is claiming all is well…do I need to remind them that nudity is a crime in Ghana and in 1 of the pics part of her pussy is showing ?
Do I need to remind them that a musician was dragged to court for showing his lil penis last year?
I will ask everyone reading this to stop judging..sit n think thru these n say a prayer for a sister.
Bless you”

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Open Letter Afia Schwarzenegger Penned To Christabel Ekeh’s Family

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