Oh My Goodness! Find Out The Real Reason Why Stunning Ghanaian Star Joselyn Dumas Is Not Married

Here’s The Real Reason Why Joselyn Dumas Is Not Married

In this part of the world, a lot of single mothers remain without a husband. Most men fear them because of the ‘baggage’ they carry from their previous relationship. Yes, kid(s) they have. You are about to find out the real reason why Joselyn Dumas is not married and it’s sad.

The TV presenter revealed during her show, ‘Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas’ of how she loved a man so much, but he made it very clear to her that he would not marry her because, she has a daughter already! Since then, before she gets into a relationship, Joselyn Dumas always discloses that she’s got a daughter.

Joselyn Dumas Daughter

Even though a lot of men run away from single mothers, there are still those who don’t mind. There are also single dads oh!

Reason Why Joselyn Dumas Is Not Married (2)

Amebo Book readers, would you get married to someone who already has a child/children?

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The Real Reason Why Joselyn Dumas Is Not Married, Find Out!


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