Relationship Help: 10 Things Nigerian Ladies Do Just Before Visiting Their Boyfriends

Relationship Psychology: 10 Things Nigerian Ladies Do Just Before Visiting Their Boyfriends

This article is in line with our relationship help which looks into the positive/negative sides of dating. Sometimes, you see the hilarious side of it all. In today’s topic, we look into many things our gorgeous Nigerian ladies do just before they visit their boyfriends. They do these things for so many reasons of which some are innocent and some to hide their runs. We think it’s relationship psychology of some sort.

Relationship Help

These sharp Nigerian ladies take these precautionary measures to ensure that their relationships are secured hence, its zero tolerance to dulling.

10 Things Nigerian Ladies Do Just Before Visiting Their Boyfriends

1. They put their phones on silent: I’ll tell you straight away why Nigerian ladies do this. It’s the fear of other boyfriends calling them when they are with their main boyfriend. If the boyfriend gets a hold that he’s babe’s phone is ringing without them picking it up, then there will be trouble. Even when the babe picks up her phone, from the way she talks to the caller, it will be easy to detect a cheating babe.

2. They make sure their bags have no incriminating evidence against them: some ladies are cautious and experienced enough to remember to check their bags to ensure there are no loose complimentary cards flying around their bags. In some instances, you see complimentary cards with Alhaji, Chief all over. Should the boyfriend see these, there wont be no it’s my ‘uncle’s’ card in it ooh! He will get rid of you.

3. Ensure they are wearing clean pants and bra: these two things are essentials that ladies do not toy around with. They ensure their undies are thoroughly clean and not torn all over as some would wear when they are not visiting their guys. In some cases, they visit without undies. Well.. this is kinda sexy though.

4. They sometimes restrict access to their goodies with sanitary stuff: when some ladies dont want sex with their boyfriends, they may feign period stuff forgetting some rude boys will check. Some of the ladies who may have had marathon sex sessions with other men can be sore and device this sort of trick or simply pretend to be ill.

5. Some come later than schedule to catch their boyfriends in the act: why? Lol.. Simple, the ladies choose to play the African time and come late just to show they are not desperate. Some do this to catch an unsuspecting boyfriend in the act of cheating.

6. They sometimes come with hidden plans of spending the night: some ladies will play hard ball despite them already dating the guy. They so badly want to spend the night but dont know how to say it. Why? Your dating the guy so it’s your entitlement.. I guess? So they stay late into the night and come up with one reason or the other why they cant go back home that night.

7. They ready their mind and body for sexual bouts from their boyfriends: some boyfriends are the no-nonsense type when it comes to the sex department. They do not hesitate, hence the moment the girlfriend gets into his place, he starts off with foreplay instantly which ofcourse almost always leads to several rounds of hot sex.

8. They prepare to cook for their boyfriends: some guys cannot cook so depend on the girlfriend to cook as soon as she arrives. She then seizes the initiative and prepares meals to last a given period till she prepares some more.

9. Some ladies just before visiting their boyfriends, think of ways to extort money: as for some ladies, it seems like a movie rehearsal the way they practice what to say and the way they will present a miserable look when trying to extort money from their boyfriends. Some do this perfectly and some are caught immediately.

10. They tell other boyfriends to stay away from calling: some ladies before visiting their main guy tell other guys they are having fun with that they will be travelling and the service in the area is bad or they come out straight with those that already know they have boyfriends. They tell them point blank not to call as they will be with their boyfriends. If it’s an Alhaji or Chief, they may not tell him anything of the boyfriend as  that may be the end of the cash flow from that area. They lie instead they are going to visit a sick relative or something. On top of this lie, they collect money from the aristos.

Generally, before a lady visits her boyfriend, she feels she has covered her loose tracks assuming she has other guys, has clean clothes with bra and pant in order etc.

If you have more to add, lets us have it.   🙂

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Online Dating Tips: 10 Things Nigerian Ladies Do Just Before Visiting Their Boyfriends

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