Relationship Help: 10 Ways To Know If Your Bestfriend Has A Crush On Your Boyfriend

Dating Advice: 10 Ways To Know If Your Bestfriend Has A Crush On Your Boyfriend

This really is not the type of situation any woman would like to find herself in. It’s actually quite a nerve wrecking feeling especially when you hit the internet searching for relationship help or dating advice to solve problems of the heart. You want to know if your boyfriend has a crush on your boyfriend? NOTE that it could lead to instant jealousy if not handled well. Again, it could also build into hatred. To handle such a situation requires a lot of self discipline. You need to watch your bestfriend’s attitude towards your boyfriend. This has to be done with an open heart to ensure your not just being jealous over nothing.

If you need further relationship advice, then these 10 ways will let you know if your bestfriend has a crush on your boyfriend.

1) Mimicry : By mimicry, I mean does your bestfriend imitate the way your boyfriend talks, laugh? Does she imitate certain behaviourial patterns or gestures made by your boyfriend? If so, she may have a crush on him. She could mimick your boyfriend without even knowing so. Ladies tend to pick up certain gestures of a guy they have a crush on and might even act them out and smile to themselves. These acts of mimicry I should think are probably the fond memories your bestfriend may have of your boyfriend.

2) She stares at him always: watch closely and observe if your bestfriend stares at your boyfriend alot. Sometimes when you talk to her, are her eyes always fixed on him? Does she try giving your boyfriend eye contact? This could be done to know if your boyfriend reciprocates. Observe her sitting style. Are her legs always crossed towards him when she is with both of you? I remember a similar situation someone told me. In this case the  bestfriend was always facing which ever position my friend’s boyfriend was. Even in the most awkward of places she somehow manages to position herself towards her bestfriend’s guy. This is not a normal attitude!

3) Look out for her unnecessary attacks on your boyfriend: your bestfriend could disguise her feelings for your boyfriend with too many uncalled for attacks. She is only hiding her true feelings for him so that she will not be found out. Watch her closely. This is a clever form of deception as she could even try and convince you that your boyfriend is no good for you. The chance is your bestfriend is clearing the path to make a move on your boyfriend and sees you as the stumbling block.

4) Dresses really good whenever your boyfriend is around: Whenever your bestfriend is with you she is herself, probably no makeup, dresses not too sexy. The moment your boyfriend is around she dresses really well, probably seductively. You need to be watchful if your in this situation right now. Your bestfriend is trying to gain your boyfriend’s attention in a rather seductive manner.

5) She compliments him always: does your bestfriend compliment your boyfriend alot? Does she tell him he has lovely eyes, lips? Does she say this to you or perhaps to him directly? The chance is she may not only be crushing over your boyfriend but may be even lusting after him.

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6) Always wants your boyfriend to hangout with you girls when ever you go out: yeah it may appear there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. To some extent its okay. But when it reaches a stage your bestfriend is relunctant to hang out unless the days your boyfriend will join you ladies then it calls for concern! She loses interest in going places with you but suddenly wants to hang out when your dear boyfriend comes along. This suggests she plans on taking over your man because of the crush she has for him. Such an enviroment as clubbing will have him relaxed and a little dirty dancing with your boyfriend might do alot of damage.

7) Watch out for flirty acts from your bestfriend: please do not rule this out as a possibilty that your bestfriend  has a crush on your boyfriend. It’s similar to what I wrote earlier in this post about always complimenting your boyfriend. Only this time she may say sexy things even before you. She could tell your boyfriend that he has sexy abs. She could even ask if she could feel his abs, She could give him pecks, whenever she meets himor some really big hugs. Look out for these signs and curtail them right from the moment you see such.

8) She calls and texts your boyfriend casually: truly there might not be anything wrong with your bestfriend calling and saying hello to your boyfriend. She may do this just to check up on him. This could be for several decent reasons such as a casual hello. This probably could be because she had not heard or seen him with you in a while or for whatever valid reasons. I know this as my ex babe’s bestie used to call me occasionally just to check up on me, especially if its been long she saw me together with my girlfriend.

This is genuine display of concern from her. It gets a little too close for comfort though when your bestfriend calls your guy to find out if he has eaten, asks him if she could get him some quick snack, or starts chatting dirty to him on the phone. Caution her and your boyfriend immediately. If your boyfriend hid the calls and messages from you till you found out on your own , have a go at him!!

9) Observe if your bestfriend tries to put you down before your boyfriend: this is another way to know if your bestfriend has a crush on your boyfriend. Does she say things to belittle you only when your boyfriend is around? She might mention you flirting with someone. She could do this in a pretentious way making it seem like a joke.Take this seriously dear or she will do much more damage to your relationship the next time if you just let it go. Speak to her quietly when you ladies are alone.

10) Check her social media: look out to know if she passes comments on your boyfriend’s photos on facebook. Are the comments suggesting she has feelings for him? Maybe a crush? Are the facebook likes alot? Check her other social media accounts and you will have an idea on your suspicions. I will not be too surprised if you pick up her phone or your boyfriend’s and see implicating text messages. The call history could just be as bad! Please I am not advising you to go snooping around. This could hurt your relationship as regards trust but then again.

Have you experienced any of these before? How was it resolved? Please let us know in the comments section.

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Free Marriage Counseling: 10 Ways To Know If Your Bestfriend Has A Crush On Your Boyfriend


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