See Baby Mohammad Hasan Who Suffers From Hydrocephalus And It’s Made His Head Twice Normal Size

Mohammad Hasan Who Suffers From Hydrocephalus

Some children are really suffering ooh! One of such is a baby, Mohammad Hasan who suffers from hydrocephalus. Even though he was born a healthy baby boy, his head started swelling when he was just 16 days old.

Mohammad Hasan Who Suffers From Hydrocephalus

It’s understood that Mohammad Hasan who is now 18-months-old, head measures an astonishing 69cm in circumference. Its size is now so massive that he cannot cope with the weight.

According to the baby’s mother Sharmin Akter, she noticed her son’s unusual appearance but was unable to take him to a hospital that had the facilities to treat him. She said:

Mohammad Hasan Who Suffers From Hydrocephalus

“When my son was born, his condition was good. After his head started to grow strangely big I worried to see him.

“Within 16 to 18 days of my child’s birth his head size began to enlarge. After that we took him to the local doctor in our village but due to our financial condition we were not able to take him to any good doctor.”

Mohammad Hasan
Mohammad Hasan

Sadly Sharmin, 19, was abandoned by her husband who blamed her for Hasan’s condition. She now lives with her father in Laotara Village, in southwestern Bangladesh. The toddler was referred to the National Institute of Neurosciences Hospital in Dhaka on March 5, 2017, after a local journalist covered Hasan’s story. Doctors have diagnosed Hasan with hydrocephalus, a condition often referred to as water on the brain. Caused by a build up of cerebrospinal fluid, the brain typically produces a pint of this fluid, which protects the brain by removing waste products and providing nutrients. Sharmin is now optimistic that her son will now get the treatment he needs to overcome his condition. She said:

Mohammad Hasan

“I want to see a cure for my son. He is my last hope.”

Hasan will be treated by Doctor Sheik Mohammad Ekramullah, the associate professor and head of Paediatric Neurosurgery at the National Institute, who has treated over 80 children with hydrocephalus.

Photo Credit: Barcroft TV

Born Different: Mohammad Hasan Who Suffers From Hydrocephalus


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