See What A Mum Did To Her Son While He Was Sleeping For Running An Errand For Someone

Things are really happening ooh! This time, a mother has been accused of burning her son with hot iron while he was sleeping. It’s understood that the woman’s anger was because the son went on an errand for someone ooh!

The post was shared by a lady identified as ‘posh_yuppie’. Read it below.

“At first, i heard it as rumor so i decided to confirm the news and low and behold it was true.
This is a young boy, a child who was carried in his mother’s womb for complete 9months and went through the pains of labour to bring him to this world yet she could do this to him
His mother (biological mother) burnt him with a pressing iron at 2am while he was asleep simply because he ran errands for someone. Just so u know this isn’t one of those stories, i took this pictures myself with my own phone cos i happen to work in the neighborhood where he lives with his mother.”


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