Shots Fired! Rick Ross Disses Kanye West Over Faking His ‘Breakdown’ [Video]

Rick Ross, 40, is accusing his buddy Kanye West, 39, of faking his alleged mental breakdown and calling out people who believed in his plight.

Rick Ross feels his pal Kanye West faked his mental breakdown. He claims it was a publicity stunt

According to the Maybach Music Group chief, Kanye staged his whole crisis as a publicity stunt. Yup, you read right! . In an appearance in New York City Dec. 11, Rick Ross told a stunned crowd:

“One time for Yeezy. My homie’s a genius. For anybody who thought he was wiggin’ out, he played y’all.”

Shockingly, even Kanye’s frequent collaborator and producer Mike Dean was right there onstage next to Rick when he made the controversial claim.

Amebo Book readers, do these guys have some inside dirt on Kanye or is Rick just being a hater?


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