Entertainment News Today Headlines: The Kardashians Help Sink Cardi B’s Attempt To Trademark “OKURRR!”

Cardi B's Attempt To Trademark "OKURRR!"

Hip Hop Entertainment News: The Kardashians Help Sink Cardi B’s Attempt To Trademark “OKURRR!”

A lot of people love Cardi B and her 46.4 million Instagram followers is sufficient proof of this. The rapper has a popular catchphrase, “Okurrr” which can come at the beginning of the sentence, middle, end, wherever and whenever you feel confident and sassy.  Recently, Cardi tried to cash in on her popular adlib by registering the word to be trademarked by her. However, she was denied and the Kardashians were used partly in reference in denying the “Bodak Yellow” rapper,

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Cardi B's Attempt To Trademark "OKURRR!"

Officials shut down Cardi’s attempt to trademark “Okurrr” claiming her phrase isn’t all that special. In fact, documents obtained by The Blast state U.S. Patent and Trademark officials deemed Cardi’s slogan to fall under the “widely-used commonplace expressions” category, which meant it did not fit the criteria to deserve a trademark. They also brought up that “Okurrr” is “a slogan or term that does not function as a trademark or service mark to indicate the source of applicant’s goods and/or services.” In addition, it doesn’t distinguish itself from other similar marks.

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There were also many instances where the Kardashians were associated with the phrase, as evidence in their reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” since Khloe frequently uses the same expression.

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Cardi B had initially filed “Okurrr” to trademark for merchandising purposes.

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Entertainment Tonight Celebrity News: The Kardashians Help Sink Cardi B’s Attempt To Trademark “OKURRR!”


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