Walk Away The Moment You Have To Prove Your Worth To Someone – Nadia Buari

Walk Away Moment You Have To Prove Your Worth Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari has taken to her Instagram page to advise her fans not to stick around with those who do not appreciate them. In fact, the Ghanaian actress prefers you just walk away.

She wrote;

“The moment u feel like u have to prove your worth to someone, is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away.”


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The moment u feel like u have to prove your worth to someone, is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away.

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If you recall, Buari had almost a week ago, stated the action that should be taken if put in a position of having to always fight to get attention from “someone “. She wrote:

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“Don’t force someone to make time for u, if they really WANT TO, They WILL. If someone truly loves u, they won’t make u feel like u need to constantly fight for their attention.”

On being in a relationship with someone who cannot tell what is real from what is imagined, Nadia Buari wrote:

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“One of the hardest things to do in life is being with a delusional person. Someone who has a made up perception of u probably because of how ya’ll met or because of past experiences.

“U’d spend ur entire life proving urself and even when u think u’ve succeeded, a mere argument would awake those notions. So never be a slave to the need of explaining urself to someone else. No one is worth doing that for.

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“U are far too valuable to keep explaining yourself to someone that doesn’t want to appreciate u. There are thousands and maybe millions of people who don’t even know about u that are waiting to hear a message like the one u are trying to deliver.

“So why focus on the one person that is choosing not to listen? Know Your Worth!”

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