Watch Diddy’s Adorable Twin Daughters Do The ‘Wakanda Forever’ Move & Chant

Diddy's Adorable Twin Daughters Do The 'Wakanda Forever' Move & Chant

Unstoppable: Diddy’s Adorable Twin Daughters Do The ‘Wakanda Forever’ Move & Chant

Diddy’s twin daughters, D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs were joined by a friend as they re-created the “Wakanda Forever” chant and move from “Black Panther”. They imitated Chadwick Boseman while they practiced before they eventually did the real thing.

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It was good enough for Diddy to post on his Instagram page. He captioned the video:

“Wakanda Forever!!! The Black Renaissance has begun, it’s more than just a movie.”



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Meanwhile, back in Nigeria, Wakanda fever has taken over Nollywood with actors and even musicians, giving “Black Panther” thumbs up.

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